Curious. Crafty. Cool.

A Jill of all design trades, if you will.

So You’re Curious About Who I Am, Huh?

Well, my name is Amanda, but it’s not uncommon for friends and coworkers to call me Fox. Since I was a kid, I’ve been doodling for friends and family. Fast forward 25+ years later and now I’m a designer. Guess it was one of those things that just stuck.

I obtained a BA in Graphic Design from Flagler College, so now my doodles actually mean something. I currently work as an in-house designer and occasional freelancer. I specialize in branding, publication design, and illustration (amongst of slew of other things). If you’re interested in what inspires me, follow me on Pinterest!

Fun facts:

Florida raised. Beach lover. Currently obsessed with pineapples. Will get down to dubstep or screamo. Craft beer and wine enthusiast. Dreams of being a yogi. Wannabe interior decorator. Coffee cup collector. Cats are the best.

The Tricks Up My Sleeve

Illustrator 0
Photoshop 0
InDesign 0
Captivate 0
Acrobat DC 0
Adobe Muse 0
Premiere Pro 0
MailChimp 0

Talk To Me

I’m always up for a project and I love helping businesses of all sizes bring their visions to life. While print design is my specialty, including but not limited to logos, business cards, brochures, publications, apparel, and posters, I am also fully capable of creating web graphics for your emails, site, or advertising needs. So please, reach out and tell me about your business, goals, and ideas. I’d love to work with you!